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Interesting Facts About Appearance of Cigarettes in America
It's so obvious for us nowadays to buy cigarettes as we know what they are for and how they should be used. In the past however smoking didn't exist. More exactly the grounds of this habit existed but were not developed to the extent familiar to
read more ...01/10/14
The Link Between Cigarettes And Allergies
There are so many discusses about the harm effects of cigarettes, but not everyone knows the latest news in this field.
read more ...12/24/13
Tobacco Companies Are Against New Cigarette Sales Rules
Tobacco Companies express their disagreement concerning the new cigarette sales rules offered by Mayor Bloomberg lately.
read more ...12/09/13
Study finds high rates of binge drinking, smoking for women


MADISON, Wis. - A study published Wednesday in the Wisconsin Medical Journal found a quarter of the state's women are binge drinking and smoking - way beyond what researchers believe is healthy.

The report said 24 percent of Wisconsin women surveyed reported binge drinking - consuming five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting - in the last 30 days, compared with a national average of 16 percent. And the same number of Wisconsin women said they were smokers, compared with a national average of 22 percent. The telephone survey was conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers, the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, based on statistics from the federal Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. But researchers also found Wisconsin women fare better than the national average in diabetes-related deaths, heart disease, obesity, breast cancer and homicide. To meet the goals of a federal initiative to improve American health by 2010, the rate of women's binge drinking in Wisconsin would have to drop 75 percent by then, and smoking by 50 percent, the researchers said. The goal is to cut women's binge drinking nationwide to 6 percent and smoking to 12 percent. "Those numbers do stick out," said Lisette Jehn, scientific development coordinator for the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation and a co-author of the study. "From our perspective, the things that stand out are the things that we're doing really well in." Previous studies have found Wisconsin has high rates of binge drinking and smoking in both men and women.

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