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According to statistics, every fifth American buys cigarettes through Internet.
Why do more and more Americans decide to buy cheap cigarettes through Internet?
The answer is because buying on-line is less expensive for the ordinary American citizen.

Cheap cigarettes don´t give in to quality to the American ones. Moreover, if the cigarettes are manufactured in Europe, they are of the same high quality as the American cigarettes brands.

Then why are they cheaper?
Because in other countries the cigarettes production expenditures are considerably smaller.

Therefore the cigarettes cost less. If you intend to purchase cheap cigarettes, you mustn´t buy them from American on-line stores.

American on-line stores sell cigarettes manufactured in the U.S.A. They have obtained some facilities from U.S. Government, that´s why they can sell cigarettes without paying part of the taxes.

Instead you, buying from American on-line stores, will be forced to pay taxes since these on-line stores elude paying them.
You´ll find out about this when the tax officer will pay you a visit with a bill in his hands.

Foreign on-line stores don´t provide any information about their clients to U.S. authorities. That´s why buying cheap cigarettes from foreign on-line stores doesn´t put you at any risk and problems with taxes are absolutely excluded.

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