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American cigarette manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against the FDA.
The largest US tobacco companies filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Federal Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
read more ...05/04/15
Interesting facts about cigarettes, countries - tobacco leaders.
Every minute in the world are sold about 8-10 million cigarettes and daily 13-15 billion cigarettes.
read more ...04/01/15
Anti-smoking campaigns run to extremes.
It is strange to what can bring the foolishness of anti-smoking crusaders in their attempts to impose all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, even if they lead to a violation of all norms, artistic freedom and civil society.
read more ...03/03/15

Our Customers Say!!!


I wish to express my appreciation for your making my shipments whole, even though it is not your fault at all. If the mailing system "loses" a shipment, you make your customer whole. That is a most admirable, and unusual trait, I think. I used to work for Microchip Technology, and one of our guiding principles was that we did not want "satisfied" customers, we wanted "delighted" customers. Good philosophy. You guys embody it. I am grateful for that.
Thanks, and best regards.
- John, 27/11/14

Thank you so much for such i fast delivery! i always highly recommend your great site every chance i get and have given much positive feedback to survey sites like Bizrate and resellers, which i am not a reseller but a consumer of your great, such fair-priced products. i have been coming to your site to purchase my items for at least 8 or 10 years now and i can't say enough good things about
- CAROL, 20/08/14

I'd like to say how helpful your customer service is, and that you always look out for your customers.
- JOHN, 28/07/14

I just want to tell you that all my experiences with you, your company, your follow-up and follow-thru have been 'outstanding' for many years now. I know you must get some complaints from time to time, so I just want you to know from my perspective, you guys are 'fantastic'. Thank you! "
- Linna, 06/05/14

wow! such fast shipping! really appreciate that cuz i'm gonna run out of them in a week or so. you have the best site online. and the most awesome, friendly customer service who always meets my needs. Appreciate your fast info to me. I highly recommend your site to everyone.
- Carol, 07/04/14

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the great customer service I recieve from your company. Its very hard to find companies now a days that truly put the customers first and that is why I continue and will continue to go with your company.have a wonderful day!
- Amy, 20/03/14

I would like to confirm that I received the parcel and that I am very happy with both, the product and the customer service. I shall be placing another order very shortly, and will definitely send more customers your way.
- ATASHI, 12/03/12

I'd like to thank you for the prompt service you have given this month and in previous months,, I am very satisfied with the product, prices and service and will continue to place other orders in the future.Thanks
- Randy, 11/19/12

As always I like to thank you for your good service. Your entire staff takes pride in their work and doing a good job.
- JOE, 11/15/12

I like your company and the fact that you have some of the best customer service on the planet.
- SANTINO, 11/15/12

Wow, I had no idea the shipping would be this fast. And I must say that your customer service is unparalleled, truly excellent service. Thank you again for everything, with your great service, I feel I will definitely be back to order more in the near future.
- MICHAEL, 09/03/12

We are very satisfied with the service your company provides. We realize that if there are any problems it is with our postal service. However, your current tracking system always provides us with up to date information on the status of our shipment. Thank you for your continued good service. :)
- BARBARA, 09/03/12

Everything has arrived, all in good shape, & exactly what I ordered. The packaging was excellent. Don't know what to say other than thank you, and see you next month.
- Hallet, 08/29/12

I just wanted to let you know that my order was delievered yesterday afternoon, safe and sound and in good condition. Thank you for your service as always and I look forward to placing an order with your company again (and probably very soon!) as not only are your prices amazing, but your service is reliable, the product is tip-top and the shipping, well I wouldn't say it's fast, but given the distance that it's travelling it's very reasonable and understandable and not something you can control... however the processing part of it and getting it in the post is extremely fast! I recommend your service to as many friends (and sometimes even strangers) as possible! Until next time...cheers!
- JEFFREY, 08/28/12

I received my order in full and as always would like to thank you for your great service. I will be placing another order very soon and know it will be handled with the kind professional manner it always is.
Thanks again.....
- Joe, 07/30/12

Hello, My shipment was received today. Thank you again for the great service and fast delivery.
- MIKE, 07/23/12

All parcels have been received. Your services have been excellent and I appreciate your quick shipments.
Thank you,
A Happy customer
- Gae, 07/22/12

I would like to thank you and everyone there for the great service I receive from your company. I have my order and as always in good shape and time. Thank you.
- JOE, 07/05/12

I appreciate all of the wonderful customer service. I admit this is the best customer service I have ever had from a website ordering service. Thank you so much!
- JONATHAN, 07/02/12

I would like to say how impressed I am with your service. I definitely will be using your service in the future. I love the personal touch and the way your company takes care of business. Thanks you,
- Janet, 06/29/12

You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your superior customer service and for providing me with this information and the tracking numbers for my shipment so quickly and efficiently!!!
Your services is greatly appreciated! Thank you again!
- Shelly, 05/22/12

Just received my latest order and I must compliment you on your new packaging. The outer carton does a great job and reduces the crushing of individual packs. Great job!
- RICHARD, 04/17/12

You guys are the greatest - I cannot express how appreciative I am. I wish more companies (especially in the US) were as customer service orientated as you folks. Many thanks.,
- MERRILEE, 11/04/12

I did receive my package - thank you Customer Support Team! I am very pleased with your company and its good service!
- JACKIE, 10/04/12

I've picked up all of my cigarettes. Thank-you for being so thorough and so discreet. Your customer service is amazing. I am so grateful!
- Debi, 09/04/12

I wanna thank you for being very courteous and professionals. Great service. Thank you so much!
- DANIEL, 16/03/12

Your service is great and I am have been a loyal customer for quite a few years now and will continue to be one for many more years to come. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.
- GERALD, 03/10/11

Thank you for notifying me. I got the parcels. Thanks a lot! Your service is excellent, as always!!!Have a nice weekend!
Sincerely yours, Happy Customer :)
- OLENA, 03/05/11

The packages arrived within the time schedule promised. I especially like that they have to be signed for, and can be tracked.
Doing business with any internet service for the first time always causes a bit of anxiety wondering if the site is legitimate, so I'm pleased to discover that you are.
- DELORES, 02/08/12

Thank you so much for being on this planet and helping us smokers get great cigarettes. I do love your company.
- BALSEY, 12/01/11

You guys are top notch. I had some money issues and a car accident that caused me to miss my last order, but i plan on putting one in later today. Every time i go into a gas station or hang out with other smokers i pass out your website, and I've gotten my entire family ordering from you. Customer service has always been prompt, and head and shoulders above dealing with most american companies. I expect to continue ordering from you for as long as i'm a smoker.
- Michael, 11/18/11

I love and as soon as I can afford, I plan to quit rolling my own and resume ordering from because the cigarette quality is top notch, the tobacco blend better suites my palette, and it is extremely affordable in comparison to prices stateside. But even then, due to customer service, quality, and pleasure, even if it were more expensive and provided I could afford, I would order from EVERY week. I thank you all for you exemplary customer service and your awesome products. Respectfully,
- Jake, 10/22/11

Thank you for the great customer service and support. It is a real pleasure doing business with a well organized operation that helps keep me on top of my order in this way.
- Jim, 09/07/11

Thanx again! Your customer service has really improved (not that it was bad to begin with anyway, but the follow-ups are a very nice touch) & I have been very impressed with you guys more & more as we go along here. So please (for the love of god!) keep up the excellent work and please, please, please don't turn into every other slack-ass CS dept. on the frickin' planet, lol!
- Christina, 08/13/11

Thank you so much. My e-mail account has been messed up and I appreciate your extra efforts with me not having the transaction id. Great customer service.
- BARNES, 05/20/11

You are very welcome and I too want to thank you for your honesty. I love dealing with your company and I plan to continue with ordering from you.
Thank you so much,
- Mahoney, 05/09/11

Thank you for your prompt attention and response to the matter. As usual, your customer service is excellent.
Thank you,
- Pete, 05/06/11

You have been a great service that is always on top of my orders.
- Jeff, 04/19/11

Thank you as always for providing the best service and products on the web!
Look forward to continuing business with you.
- Marcy, 04/04/11

Many Thanks for your prompt delivery, per usual.
- Linda, 03/26/11

I received the package I ordered. Thank you for you great service and remarkably fast delivery for being so far away. I will be a returning customer!
- Lindsay, 03/14/11

Thank you for your excellent customer service and personal attention to me and my order. You are the BEST!!! Cigoutlet is a great service for us smokers. Thanks again
- Karen, 02/06/11

I received my cigarettes today!
I am very pleased with your service and you've earned my continuous business.
Thank you for the help and great deal.
I'm looking forward to buying from you again.
- Jon, 01/29/11

Thank you for giving the very best in customer service, products and pricing.
I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company.
- Amy, 01/11/11

Thanks again for your prompt and able customer service. I have recommended you to others who smoke and have praised your wonderful customer service.
- JAN, 12/21/10

I received parcel. Thank you for being on top of this. That's why we appreciate your company!
- Dale, 11/18/10

Thank you for your help you guys are always so helpful I love it! Have a good day!!!!!
- JESSIE, 11/12/10

Your site has the cheapest name brand smokes on the Internet!
- Catherine, 10/02/10

I have ordered from your site numerous times in the past with great success and wanted to let you know that I am one happy customer!! I have referred several friends to your site and thank you for providing the high level of quality customer service and products that you offer.
- KEVIN, 09/22/10

Thank you for your quick response. I was elated to receive the first package the same day that I sent my original e mail to you with regards to the status of this order. I have since received package 2 and the third package is scheduled for delivery Today. You all are the best and that I sincerely appreciate your support and help regarding this matter.
- WILLIAM, 09/14/10

Keep up your great customer service it really make a difference when you can count on good people and business such as yours.
- STEVE, 08/07/10

Just to let you know that the second parcel of my shipment arrived today. Thank you very much for your help. The attention I received for my question exceeded my expectations, your support system is impressive. Thank you very much and have a great day,
- YAMIL, 08/19/10

Thank you again for your prompt response. It is a pleasure doing business with a company with such responsive customer service.
- PAUL, 07/11/10

Thank you so much, its nice to do bussiness with people who stand behind there products!
- JOHN, 06/25/10

Thank you SO much!
Your company is always so responsive.
I really appreciate it.
- LAUREN, 05/16/10

Thank you for the first part of my order. I recomended your company to the postman.
- RYAN, 04/04/10

I want to thank your company for the great customer service! Your speedy response to my questions and concerns was outstanding. I received my shipment and was very pleased with the contents. I admit, their was a lot of skepticism about ordering from overseas but you have proved to be a very reliable and trustworthy company. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
- JASON, 03/22/10

I absolutely love you guys!!
I promote your web site every chance I get!!
Loyal customer
- HOWARD, 02/12/10

Thank you. And....I love your company and the high level of customer service.
- CAPEL, 01/17/10

Just received package today and I think this is the shortest delivery time on record. Maybe it's a sign of better things to come.
Also, I was delighted to see a huge improvement in the packaging of the items and I do hope that you will convey my extreme delight to the parties concerned in the packaging department.
Thank you kindly for all your efforts. You all rate 5 stars in my book!!
- RONALD, 01/06/10

Yes... that is actually correct, ... it was in the mail yesterday... thanks so much for your help to track it, your correspondence and concern is why i will continue doing buisness w/ you... thanks !!
- JOHN, 12/27/09

Thank you very much for promptly responding to my inquiry and looking up the tracking information for me. I have just received my order and all is well.
- Ben, 12/13/09

Dear Support,
Over the years, your company has been very kind and always helpful to my needs as a customer. I greatly appreciate your efficient handling of my customer service needs, and certainly look forward to placing my order tomorrow, and in the future.
Thank you again for your excellent service.
- James, 11/14/09

I have been with your company now over a year and I wanted to say Thank you for being a wonderful company ! I have taken the time and pasted your website to my friends and family and they love you guys . I just wanted to say thank you for always being there and have wonderful people that work for you ! They are always wonderful to talk to and are very nice to write to also ! So i wanted to say KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB !!! Also you and your company and your people have a wonderful holidays and a happy new years !! your loyal customer always !
- Greg, 11/06/09

just recived my order, pretty much on time as you said, and the product is great. getting ready now to order more, thanks you for good service and a excellent product,
- Bill, 10/06/09

Just letting you know I received the recent entire order again in less than 3 weeks.
Thanks again for excellent service and I will continue ordering in the future.
- Parker, 10/01/09

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am totally satisfied with the Camel Lights that I ordered from you.
I have been smoking Basic Lights for MANY years and didn't really believe the Camel Lights would be anything like what's made in this country.
Well, these Camel's just blow the Basic's right out of the water. The European Camel's actually have a much better flavor than the smokes made in this country.
I certainly hope to be able to do business with you guys for many years to come. If our government doesn't find some way to screw all this up, this is one of the best deals ever.
GREAT doing business with you!!!
- Jack, 09/26/09

I got my cigarettes today and am very happy about the freshness and taste.
The Ukraine writing on the cigarette packs is cool too!!
- Wan, 09/15/09

I got my package today. I just want to say thanks alot.
I have told some friends, they can not believe the price. I will be ordering again very soon.
You will be getting all our business.
thank you again,
- BINNIE, 09/04/09

I just placed another order and I wanted to thank you in advance for you superior service and the extremely fast expediting of the way you handle orders placed from the USA.
Thank You so much!!! :o) it is because the of this I recommend you to all my friends and people that I meet when taking smoke breaks, your turn around time is like 2 weeks and that floors me for coming from overseas and also what keeps me coming back. I also created an account this time!
Thank you and have a great day!!! -
- Michael, 08/31/09

To the CigoutletTeam:
Many times we appreciate good service but fail to compliment it. I am writing this to say that, in a world where many things are changing, and uncertain, and many services have been cut back, Cigoutlet is still efficient !!
- Harry, 08/07/09

I wanted to let you know that our order was delivered. Thank you for providing such a dependable and professional service. We are beyond happy with the quality, taste, price and reliability of your products.
Have a lovely day.
Take care,
- Amy, 07/16/09

Dear Customer Support,
This order of cigarettes arrived this morning. As usual, they were on time and fresh.
Thank you again for your great online store, fresh product and superb customer support.
- Josephine, 07/11/09

I have been ordering cigarettes from your website for about a year now (or more) and I just wanted to send you an email saying that I love your site.
I remember back when the cigarettes came from Moldova Republic, and then when they started coming from Ukraine, the shipping time increased from about 10 days to 25-30, but that is still OK. You are worth the wait. I am sure the largest factor in it is just America's slow processing time. America sucks :P I am not sure if you are aware, but the USA is making smokers into monsters. Too many uneducated housewives with nothing better to do but complain without foundation sit around their houses while their husbands work and they write flood letters to public officials about how they don't like the smell of cigarettes I guess, and to justify it they exaggerate health risks. So, while you can buy a liter of vodka for $5, a pack of cigarettes now costs ~$6-$11 depending on which state you live. Not only that, but they've begun forcing all cigarettes to Fire Safe regulations (aka FSC or Fire Safe Cigarettes). To accomplish this, all cigarettes are have bands of ethylene vinyl acetate added to the cigarette paper during manufacturing. Take a quick google of FSC cigarettes and the wikipedia, along with all the people that are getting sick from it. We are being poisoned :(
Sorry, I digressed. Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work. You make it possible for me to continue doing what I love to do (smoking) in a country whose government is trying to bully all the cigarette smokers out of the market. I do not drink, I do not do drugs, but I smoke. It is my one vice, and your site makes it continue to be enjoyable :) as well as save me about 60% on the price. Not to mention that, in my honest opinion, even before the FSC cigarettes, your cigarettes have tasted much much better. American cigarettes taste like pee.
p.s. -- I recommend your site passionately to my smoker comrades. It is rare to find such a good company, and I want to send all the business I can to you, to keep you in business to serve :) . If you want to edit any portion of this email to present as feedback, showing what your customers truly think of your site, you have my complete permission. Like I said, I want to send all the business I can to you to keep you in business :)
Cheers to you!
- Michael, 06/24/09

I want you to know you have made a lifelong customer, please keep up the good work.
I shall recommend your service to my fellow smokers.
- Harry, 06/04/09

My order arrived yesterday and I am very satisfied with the product as well as the service you have provided.
I will be placing orders in the future.
- James, 05/18/09

HI I was just writing to let you know that I received the cigarettes today!
Thank you so much, I will definitely do business with you again.
- Katie, 05/13/09

Please note that our order arrived today.
We would like to thank you for your kind responce to our email. We have been extremely pleased with the products and the support you have given.
Thanks again.
- Linda, 04/26/09

Thank you very much and again sorry for the mess, it was my fault.
I would like to say you have been a great help, and it is a pleasure to be doing buisness with you! I am referring Cigoutlet to a friend, prices are going up again here in April to $11.00 a pack!
It will be my pleasure to refer Cigoutlet to anyone that say's they have to find a way to get cheaper smokes!
Again thank you and all the best to you!
- Vickie, 04/11/09

I recieved my carton of Marlboros today March.
I was pleasantly suprised by how much they tasted like the good old american made ones before they started making them fire safe.
My cigarettes arrived. Thank you for your excellent service, I've passed along your company to my friends.
- Laura, 03/21/09

Thank you Diana, received the remainder of my order yesterday.
You can be sure I will be ordering our cigarettes from you from now on.
Excellent price and your customer support is great!!
Thank You Again
- John, 02/11/09

I am THRILLED we finally have auto reorder!!!!
I've been getting my cigs here forget...maybe 2 years now? I've been very pleased with customer service and your staff is so friendly! I've been waiting for that auto reorder for a long time.
LOL I'm so excited!
- Vickie, 01/25/09

Thank you so much for checking and being concerned over my order.
Your advice was exactly correct, I went to the Post Office and the rest of my order was there. Again let me say how much I appreciate your willingness to help and you have always been there when I had any problems with my order. Your one of the reasons I always come back, because of your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in helping to fulfill the companies obligations.
Thanks again and I'll be talking to you when I get ready for another order. You have a great day and a wonderful New Year.
Yours always,
- William, 01/16/09

I am writing to inform you that I received my cigarette order from you today in good condition and fresh. I appreciate your timely delivery and will be doing business with you again.
- Josephine, 01/12/09

I really appreaciate your quick response and the way you handle your business. To be honest with you, I,ve never done business with anyone and have it go this smooth for something as little as an 83.00 dollar order!
Please don,t change,it's good to know there are still creditable businesses on the internet! I await my order anxiously.
Sincerely ;
- Rudolph, 01/04/09

I sent you an e-mail yesterday to thank you for your time and understanding.
Doing business with you has been a pleasure.
Your custumer service is wonderful.
Thanks again,
- James, 12/11/08

I hope this day finds you well.
I am glad to report that the other 2 packages arrived in today's mail. I will be placing another order shortly.
Again, thank you so much for all your kindness and attention and your prompt courteous responses to my concerns.
Wishing you all lthe best and have a great rest of the week and weekend. I sincerely appreciate all your help.
Warmest regards,
- Marlene, 11/09/08

Dear guys,
I received my cigarettes in perfect condition... 2 weeks just like you said!
To be totally honest, I sort felt like i was taking a risk by ordering from you guys...I thought buying cigarettes online was sketchy... but now I'm going to buy cigarettes from you guys all the time. I'm so happy I discovered this... I'm gonna tell all of my friends about you guys.
Thanks so much - looking forward to buying lots more.
- Josh, 10/26/08

I wanted to let you know I have received the missing items from both these shipments and to thank you for your prompt respones to my e-mails. Your customer service is very impressive!
thanks again.
- Debra, 09/21/08

- JASON & KIM, 08/19/08

I received my order yesterday in perfect condition.
Thank you very much. You are super efficient.
- Paula, 07/27/08

Dear Diana,
I appreciate all your help. I received this order and will be placing another soon. I have also told everyone that I referred to your company what a pleasure it is working with you.
Thank you,
- Dave, 06/16/08

Thank you so much for your concern and help for my shipment.
I really appreciate that. I love the fact that i am treated so well for being an online customer! I plan on doing business with this service again!
- Hillary, 05/13/08

Dear Support,
Just a note to let you know that I have received all of my cigarettes from this current order and am very pleased. They arrived in perfect condition in about 10 days which is fantastic.
Thank you again.
- Josephine, 04/21/08

- MARY, 03/12/08

I just placed another order with your company. It went much smoother this time. Just letting you know. It's great doing business with your company.
- Parker, 02/04/08

Please reship my original order, the address is correct. I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service and I will continue to order and recommend you site to others.
- RICHARD, 01/14/08

Dear Support Team,
Sorry to have delayed in getting back to you. Life got a bit complicated and was unable to tell you that the day after both packages were received! Thank-you so much for your services, support help, and promptness. My appologies for not giving you enough of a window and asking for the tracking# so impatiently. We will surely conduct business in the future. Hope you and your staff and families have a great holiday. Yours very truly,
- Lianne, 01/12/08

One of my orders finally arrived last week. I'm still impatiently awaiting the arrival of my second order. I've been a customer of yours for a long time and have referred others to you. I'm seriously considering quit smoking, but have yet to do the mind set to do so. Your service is wonderful, I particularly appreciate that one has to sign for their orders. It covers your proof of shipment and my receipt of orders. Your excellent Customer service is another wonderful addition to your company.
I appreciate all your kind assistance in this matter.
God Bless.
- Vickie, 01/04/08

Just wanted to thank you for the great and honest service. There has been a couple of times I did not recieve the orders in the last few years, and you always promptly resent them with no problem. If I ever do recieve an order that I didn't pay for (ie: one finally comes through that late) I will promptly contact you for instructions on getting them paid for.
I just wanted to send you a mail rather than post on the forum of how much I appreciate your service. I have tried to turn quite a few friends on to you, but I guess it's their loss for not trying your service. I have moved a couple times, but have been a loyal customer now for about 4 years and certainly hope you never go away!
- Bobbi, 12/24/07

Thank you very much. I have received the replacement order and the new order that I just made. I am very happy with your product and your customer service, and will continue to buy from you and recommend you to my friends who smoke.
- James, 11/18/07

All 6 cartons were received on October 12th.
Everything has been wonderful for the last year or two. Also, when I had problems (a missing shipment) you fixed everything quickly. You are a wonderful asset to cigoutlet and I thank you!Thad
- Jesse, 10/13/07

Thanks for your kind support. I have received the second percel today from Post Office. Really thanks to you and the all customer care service department of your website. This kind of customer care support is really appreciated and it will help your office website to deal with larger number of customers in future.
- Debraj, 09/12/07

Please trust me Diana I will continue to be a regular customer of yours and will continue to refer your company to other people I come across that like your prices.,
- Tom, 08/05/07

I rec'd my 12 cartons of cigarettes today ..
You are the greatest, I give you praise time & time again .. In 2.5 weeks your shipment arrived ..
You are # 1 in my book .. Thank You so much ...
- Bill, 07/22/07

This is my third time to do business with you. Please ship now. By the way, your tobacco is so much better than here in the states.
- Jesse, 06/12/07

Hi, I received my order and everything was perfect thanks
- VLADIMIR, 06/02/07

Order received love your service keep up the good work and thanks again
- George, 05/13/07

I have used your service several times and am very happy with your customer service and the products. Thanks very much!
- Katy, 05/01/07

This order received, thanks for the great service. I am very happy with your product, prices and service.
- Ellen, 04/19/07

- KATHERINE, 04/05/07

Order received, Thank you. Should be getting some more orders from Iowa. I carry your site imfo in my wallet.The Governor of the this state drinks and uses gas, but does not smoke. So we get taxed. Thanks,
- James, 03/28/07

I do let as many people know about you guys as possible and I do it unconditionally. I am so glad I stumbled on to your site. I think the cigarettes I get from you are much better that the ones I get in the US. Thanks again.
- Evelyn, 03/20/07

So far, out of the European Cigarette vendors that are on line, this is the most informative and responsive group I have worked with. I appreciate the detail greatly. Thank you for all the information, and help.
- RONALD, 03/07/07

I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today and I'm very pleased! Thank you so much for your great service; it's nice to do business with someone I can trust.
thanks again and have a great weekend!
- Mark, 03/02/07

Thank you for your timely response to my cigarettes arrived yesterday..the same day that i sent my email enquiry. I understand that sometimes deliveries may take longer than the previous time i ordered..however i am still very happy that my order has arrived and also with the service that cigoutlet have provided..once again ..thank you. Kind regards
- Elizabeth, 02/23/07

I just received the remainding part of my order. Thank you very much, trust that I shall be ordering from you from now on and that I'll pass the word to others about your service.
- Richard, 02/18/07

I have received my order. Thank you so very much.
You are so kind.
I will order again when I need more. Thank you,
- Louise, 02/12/07

We received our first order of cigarettes in 19 days. Thanks for a quality product at a price people can afford. I just ordered more!
- S. Thedford, 02/10/07

Our order was received. Thank you very much. We were very satisfied with the product. We will order again in the future.
- Janet, 02/04/07

Thanks for you quick response. The shipment was received. We have recommended several friends to your company who have had problems with similar services. Your customer service and personal interest, as well as pricing and prompt delivery, make us feel secure enough to make these recommendations.
Thanks again
- T O'Brien, 01/02/07

Received my order today and placed a new one. I have told friends and relatives about your site and the great service.
Thanks again
- George, 01/01/07

Support, my order has arrived today, thank you for your timely manner in the ordering and delivering of my order. You have turned out to be the best online cigarette company i have yet to find and my business with you will continue in the future. Thank you once again,
- Patrick, 01/19/07

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