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History of cigarette packs.
Basically, materials of which were made cigarette packing initially, are popular and now, the paper and cardboard, as well as different types of wood and tin.
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In the CIS countries Marlboro is no longer trendy.
Based on this principle, Philip Morris company decided to give an impetus to the brand's flagship and launched in CIS market - Marlboro Light (Marlboro Gold Original) made in Germany.
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Cigarettes chronology about which you really didn't know.
1860. Was started the first cigarette manufacturing. First came into this business American company Blackwell Tobacco Company.
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Gauloises Blue (Filter) Cigarettes pack Gauloises Blue (Filter) Cigarettes

Price $ 20.60
2 cartons minimum
Gauloises Yellow (Ultra Lights) Cigarettes pack Gauloises Yellow (Ultra Lights) Cigarettes

Price $ 20.60
2 cartons minimum
Gauloises Red (Lights) Cigarettes pack Gauloises Red (Lights) Cigarettes

Price $ 20.60
2 cartons minimum
Sold Out

Gauloises is a brand of cigarette of French manufacturer Seita, but lately its production was assigned to Altadis with joint French and Spanish ownership, and thus company continues manufacture and international distribution. Traditional Gauloises were originally short, wide, unfiltered and made with dark Syrian and Turkish tobaccos which gave off a strong and distinctive smell.
Galouises has achieved semi-iconic status. Between the World Wars, the smoking of Gauloises in France was considered patriotic. The brand was also linked to high-status and inspirational figures representing the worlds of art like Pablo Picasso and the intellectual elite like Jean Paul Sartre. This, together with the romantic associations of France, made Gauloises a popular brand among some writers and artists.
In mid 2003 the Gauloises brand was discontinued entirely in the USA. Remaining inventory carried through into early 2004. Company officials are on record as saying they have no plans to ever again sell Gauloises in the USA. But they are always available for purchasing in our online store. Please look on for the best prices for Gauloises cigarettes.