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American cigarette manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against the FDA.
The largest US tobacco companies filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Federal Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
read more ...05/04/15
Interesting facts about cigarettes, countries - tobacco leaders.
Every minute in the world are sold about 8-10 million cigarettes and daily 13-15 billion cigarettes.
read more ...04/01/15
Anti-smoking campaigns run to extremes.
It is strange to what can bring the foolishness of anti-smoking crusaders in their attempts to impose all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, even if they lead to a violation of all norms, artistic freedom and civil society.
read more ...03/03/15
Nicotine addiction can start within a few days and after just a few cigarettes


The first symptoms of nicotine addiction can start within a few days of starting to smoke and after just a few cigarettes, shows a study in Tobacco Control. The research explodes the commonly held belief that nicotine dependence is a gradual process which

Nearly a quarter of a million girls will start smoking in the coming year.The research team monitored almost 700 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 13 from seven schools in central Massachusetts throughout 1998. The teenagers were interviewed in considerable detail on three separate occasions about their smoking habits. The time it took before the first symptoms of nicotine dependence appeared was assessed. Of the 95 teenagers who said they were occasional smokers, symptoms of nicotine dependence were evident within four weeks of starting to smoke in one in five; 16 developed symptoms within two weeks. Several said their symptoms had started within a few days. Almost two-thirds of the smokers had one or more symptoms of nicotine dependence, and of these, almost two-thirds said that they had their first symptom before they began smoking every day or that the symptoms had made them start smoking every day. Feeling addicted was the most common initial symptom, while cravings, irritability, nervousness, and anxiety when unable to smoke were the most commonly reported symptoms overall. Other research has shown that the numbers of nicotine receptors in the brain increase rapidly after just the second dose of nicotine, say the authors, who suggest that there may be three distinct groups of smokers: those who become addicted very quickly -- akin to "love at first sight", those in whom the process is more gradual and who require exposure to higher doses, and "chippers" -- people who can smoke five cigarettes a day with no evidence of addiction. ### Contact: Dr. Joseph DiFranza, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts, Worcester. Fax: (508) 856-1212 [Initial symptoms of nicotine dependence in adolescents. Tobacco Control, 2000; 9: 313-19] For further information about Tobacco Control or to obtain a copy of the article, please contact Public Affairs Division, British Medical Association, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP, Tel: 020 7383 6254 or email: After 6 p.m. and on weekends telephone: +44 (0)208 241 6386 / +44 (0)208 997 3653/+44 (0)208 674 6294 / +44 (0)1525 379792 / +44 (0)208 651 5130. Posted by the Center for the Advancement of Health . For information about the Center, call Petrina Chong, (202) 387-2829.

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