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Barclay Cigarettes

The Barclay cigarette brand was introduced in the beginning of 1981 by Brown &Williamson in USA. Barclay features low-tar delivery without sacrificing taste to the smoker by incorporating a unique ventilated filter called the Actron Filter.
Most low tar cigarettes achieve at least part of their reduced tar rating by means of small ventilating holes punched in one or more bands around the periphery of the cigarette filter. When a smoker puffs on such a cigarette, air is drawn through these ventilating holes and mixes with smoke in the cigarette filter. The presence of diluting air reduces the proportion of tar- and nicotine-bearing smoke in any given puff on the cigarette, Barclay, too, achieves a low tar rating in part by means of ventilation. Barclay patented Actron Filter, however, prevents diluting air from mixing with smoke inside the cigarette filter. Instead, ventilating air in Barclay is conducted through four channels along the length of the cigarette filter. Because the ventilating air drawn through these channels and the smoke drawn through the filter move at different speeds, they collide and create a swirl of smoke as they exit the filter. This smoke swirl contrasts with the thin pencil-like stream of smoke characteristic of most low tar cigarettes. Studies indicate that Barclay's unique smoke swirl impacts a large number of taste sensors in the mouth simultaneously, and for a relatively long time interval. This enlarged and protracted impact gives the sensation of stronger taste.