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American cigarette manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against the FDA.
The largest US tobacco companies filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Federal Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Interesting facts about cigarettes, countries - tobacco leaders.
Every minute in the world are sold about 8-10 million cigarettes and daily 13-15 billion cigarettes.
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Anti-smoking campaigns run to extremes.
It is strange to what can bring the foolishness of anti-smoking crusaders in their attempts to impose all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, even if they lead to a violation of all norms, artistic freedom and civil society.
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Smoking might increase the risk of contracting HIV, according to a study published in the Aug. 21 online edition of the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, the New York Times reports (Nagourney, New York Times, 9/26). Andrew Furber, a public healt 10/02/06
Menthol and non-menthol cigarettes appear to be equally harmful to the arteries and to lung function, but smokers of menthols may be less likely to attempt or succeed at quitting, according to a report in the September 25 issue of Archives of Internal Me 10/02/06
If you regularly smoke menthol cigarettes you may well find it harder to give up smoking than if are a regular non-menthol smoker, say researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, USA. Menthol cigarette advertising is targeted at African 09/27/06
A class action suit status was granted against the tobacco industry today by U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein, Brooklyn, USA. Experts say that the bill for the tobacco companies could hit as high as 0 billion. Tobacco companies are being sued becau 09/26/06
A nationwide consortium of researchers, led by Georgetown University Medical Center, has been awarded a five-year, million grant by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to determine if alternative tobacco products reduce health risks as they either ov 09/25/06
Smokers may be at greater risk of HIV infection than non-smokers, reveals an analysis of published research issued ahead of print in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. 09/25/06
Two-thirds of women who quit smoking during pregnancy want to avoid cigarettes after delivery, but concern about weight may interfere, according to a new study. 09/25/06
Women who quit smoking before pregnancy are less likely to remain nonsmokers after giving birth largely because of concerns about gaining weight, according to a study to be published in the October issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, the Los An 09/22/06
About one third of ADHD cases in the United States are probably linked to the mother smoking during pregnancy and exposure to lead during childhood, say researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. (ADHD = Attention Deficit Hypera 09/20/06
Nicotine may improve the symptoms of depression in people who do not smoke, Duke University Medical Center scientists have discovered. 09/18/06
British Medical Association (BMA) Cymru Wales has welcomed the UK government's proposals to introduce picture warnings on tobacco packaging. 09/14/06